Large increase this month

My bills through the summer have been identical. This month was 100 pound more! I have had heating on for 2 hours total

Mine too !

My estimated bills have doubled in spite of the fact I have not used any heating yet this year. I will be switching supplier shortly.

There’s the root of your issue. If you don’t read the meter(s) regularly, Bulb aren’t going to be able to send you accurate bills.

Bulb can’t magically identify that you’ve not used your heating yet if you don’t tell them (by way of a meter reading). I’m sure plenty of folks will have turned it on (or up) the moment the temperatures started to drop a couple of weeks ago.

Have you been submitting meter readings? Or are you relying on Bulb to guess how much energy you’re using?

The best time to give readings is between Bulb telling you they’re about to collect your monthly DD and the payment date (assuming you’re on DD). You’ll always get accurate bills that way.

Thanks for your reply and advice.

I am aware that the temperatures have started to drop.

I submit meter readings to bulb on a regular basis every 3 weeks

This is to early, you should be submitting readings 1-2 days before your bill date, certainly not more than 3,otherwise they just estimate(on the high side) from when you submit the readings until your bill date

As you say a couple of days before the bill date or when Bub send out their monthly reminder is the best time to submit meter readings. However if as Steve1310 does which is to submit readings every 3 weeks (not sure why every 3 weeks) then over a period of time a high overestimate by Bulb will self correct itself.

Ours has increased by around £100 also this month.

On checking statments, we have been charged for August again this month. Last months statement was Aug to Sept and this months statement is Aug to Oct. 2 lots of August.

They are trying to charge me twice for August!!!

Check your statements to see if its what they have done to you.

Check your last 2 statements to see if they have charged you for August twice. Its what they have done to me.

Sept 5 statement was for Aug to Sept and this months statement is for August to October (2 months).

I’m guessing Bulb haven’t charged you twice for August. Your latest Bill will be a corrected Bill covering two months. It happened to me once in the past (not sure why there was a need to do it) but it didn’t mean I had been double charged.

Maybe so , but for those seven? days it will still be an estimate. You know as well as I that in the crazy topsy turvy world of bulb, that if the high is 10 and the low is 0 according to bulb the average would be closer to 9 than 5

Well if they cant send correct monthly statements then we will be looking for a new supplier.

A monthly statement should be exactly that, 1 month. Not a 2 monthly statement amended a few times so no one can understand it.

I find it a bit confusing as they state my monthly usage on the statement as OUT for these last 2 months is £202.40 but they have already previously showed an OUT usage amount for August as £100.65.

Looks like they are counting it twice to me.

Yes it will be estimated meter readings if they are not submitted at the correct time. But over a period of time it doesn’t make any difference as they will self correct themselves.

Although I am no longer with Bulb I always found when I was them that if I submitted my meter readings a day or so before when it was required they only estimated for a couple of extra days not a large number of extra days.

My new supplier also used to do estimated readings if I submitted them too early, but for the last two months they bill me on my submitted readings and supply my statement/bill the day after my meter readiing. My DD date however remains the same each month and does not move to align woth my bill date.

That was then(some 9-10 months ago)seems that everyone has been given a blanket coverage of usage and increased DD, with one or two that have queried it given an account reveiw?

My situation of having two bills wasn’t as I mentioned previously, my memory of the situation 18 months ago let me down.

Just checked my statements for April 2019 where I had a received a corrected bill (on 5 April) to one issued 4 days earlier (on 1 April) , the corrected bill was to take into account an actual reading rather than an estimated reading.

On the “In” and “Out” on the Statement page it shows an “In” for the bill on 1 April and and “Out” for the bill on 5 April. In my case I wasn’t charged twice.

On your Statement page does it not show an “In” amount figure to cover the August Bill? If it doesn’t it looks as if you haven been charged twice.

I did ask in my earlier response if: On your Statement page does it not show an “In” amount figure to cover the August Bill? If it doesn’t it looks as if you haven been charged twice.

So to ask my question again, do you have an amount showing in your “In” column which represents Bulb repaying you when they reissued the ststement or bill covering two months? It seems only reasonable that you clear up whether ot not Bulb double charged you for the month of August?

Bulb have responded to Merle’s own thread, and stated that they have not [charged twice]:
Charged Twice for August

I’m aware of that post but strange how Merle went quiet presumably when they found an entry in the “In” column equating to the repayment of the August amount by Bulb.

Hi @Lisa1 I’m sorry for the confusion around this. We corrected your August statement, as has been mentioned earlier in the thread and produced an updated statement covering August & September, which is why it’s for a larger amount of usage. The initial August statement was removed from your account, so you’ve not been overcharged.

@Steve1310 It looks like your statements have remained fairly consistent, so it looks like you’re referring to your payment amount. If this is the case I’d advise contacting one of the Bulb team through the chat in your online account.