Large top up reserve which bulb will not let me use to pay my bills

I have built up over £500 in my top up account because I have been over-paying every month for a year. Yet Bulb will not let me use this money, but insist that I should pay them £84 to £92 each month going forward on direct debit. I wanted to lower my payments to use the money I have built up, but Bulb do not appear to allow me to do this? Am I missing something? Why should I find new money to give Bulb when I could use up what I have got. In this time of lock-down and economic hardship, why are Bulb acting in this way towards their clients?

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Cancel your direct debit, set it up again once the credit is gone.

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Hi @loosleym

Firstly, welcome to the community :wave:

We recently did a payment review which looks at your winter usage and then sets the direct debit so you will not go into debt over the more expensive months.

I can have a look at your account now to make sure this has been calculated correctly and then send you a private message.