Last bill

Hi my last bill was extremely high gas was 198 in a heat wave and electricity was 98 now I did phone and explain to a young lady a few weeks ago that when we started with you back in February I had read the meter wrong and took a photo last month of gas reading and I have had no email or phone call to explain to me what is going on as there is no way that I have used that much on either gas nor electricity

Heya @Frankanddoll1. I can see we’ve sent off a dispute on your opening meter readings. We have put your account ‘under review’ until we sort this out. This means you won’t receive any bills while this dispute is ongoing and your account is back in order.

We’ll continue to take your monthly direct debits to ensure you won’t get any nasty surprises once we’ve corrected the reads. This means your direct debit will continue to credit your account, in preparation for when we start billing again.

We’ll be in touch once this issue is resolved, or if we need any more information.