Last statement has rocketed despite us not being at property?


Our June statement has gone through the roof despite the fact we’re moving house and not even at the property during the May period. We expected this to be our lowest statement ever.

Absolutely sure nothing was left on by mistake. What’s strange is the readings don’t even seem to correlate with the price we are being asked to pay in our latest statement.

According to our own meter reads we only used 21 units of Gas from may - june and 184 kwh of electric, yet our statement shows we are being charged for 89 meter units ( gas ) and 503kwh (electric ).

We were totally up to date at the beginning of May with all payments. We also submit meter readings once a month.

Any ideas what could be happening here?

Frankly if it wasn’t for the electric as well we would be worried about a gas leak.


Are the meter readings which you have also been supplied to Bulb and are they not the same as on your statement?

They are from Bulbs monthly estimate, but not from our actual reading which we submitted 3 days later at the beginning of May.

What’s bizarre is we were using our maximum average heating and electric in January.
Apart from faulty metres or us leaving the oven on for 7 straight days I don’t know how it’s even possible for our bill to spike by so much.

On your June statement are there are any customer read meter readings what dates are showing against these readings and what date is showing against Bulbs estimated readings?

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The estimate readings are on the 5th May, our customer readings are from the 8th May. It shows both on the statement. Next reading was our customer reading on 5th June?

If I correctly understand what you are saying, then your June statement will be based on the difference between the estimated reading on 5 May and your customer reading on 5 June. I would think the customer read reading of 8 May was submitted after your May statement was issued. If the estimated reading on 5 May was on the low side this is why you could be seeing the “through the roof” costs on your statement.

Thanks for the advice, the estimated reading was definitely lower than our usual.

I wasn’t so low that the difference would cause our May usage to almost double our highest use months: December and January. Hopefully have an update from Bulb today!

Hi @MistyMountain and welcome to our Community :deciduous_tree:,

I’m going to send you an email now so we can investiage this spike.