Late bill this month

hi ,are bills late this month as mine was due o 16th ,?

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Hi @ttrev :wave:

I’m sorry you’re still waiting on your statement. It looks like there was an error with it being generated so I’ll get this fixed for you and it should be with you in the next 24 hours.

– Meg :bulb:

Hi,Still no statement ,10 days overdue now ! smart meter works fine now but no bills ,

I’m in the same boat,

Smart meter reading taken, makes no sense anymore, gas was estimated. No bill this month.
Got it, Rate 1 is now the new reading to take, where that was my Night Rate. so confusing. But there now. the smart reading taken on the 11th, for both Gas and Elec, match mine, & the New Rate 1 reading for the New single tariff, if going up currently. something that’s helping us, cut back is turning a lot more stuff of at the wall, when not using. bad habits lol saved us a good 60KWH this month alone, i can see Rate 2 & Rate 3 have not moved at all and match historic readings and smart meter reading.

I know what’s gone wrong, I was removed from smart tariff, you took reading then on the 11th April.

Please Sort this out !

Ill make it easy :slight_smile: GAS SHOULD BE EASY ENOUGH 61 Units 22/3/22 to 22/4/22

22/3/22 to the 11/4/22 RATE 1 01987 RATE 2 00625 RATE 3 05462 = 219 units £33.54 Inc VAT

11/4/22 to the 22/4/22 Rate 1 02074 Rate 2 00625 Rate 3 05462 = 87 units
£31.09 Inc Vat @ new Rates


Just an update.

My bill arrived

WELL DONE :slight_smile:

hi ,still my bill has not been sorted out …and monthly payments to high ,why cant i set my own monthly payments ,i dont need credit for winter as will adds funds when needed , thanks

hi still not had a bill …can you sort this please

Hey @ttrev

Apologies for the delay in writing back to you.

I have just requested your statement be issued again as it appears stuck in the system. I’m sorry about that. Please allow 48 hours to receive this.

I can see you’ve also managed to reduce your payment amount, but this can be done further in the Bulb account once your new statements have been issued.

– Robyn :bulb: