Late Final Bill Compensation


Under the ofgem rules, if a customer doesn’t receive their final bill within 6 weeks they should get an automatic compensation payment of £30, if this fails to be paid within 10 days a further payment of £30 is required to be paid to the customer.

As bulb has failed to meet either of these deadlines I’m therefore expecting a compensation payment of £60 to be credited to my account. I’ve been chasing this payment since August with bulb acknowledging this needs to be paid but constantly ignoring me or saying there is a backlog in the compensation team.

Can you provide an update when this credit will be added to my account?

Hi @mattgb :wave: Welcome to Community.

I’d like to apologise that the compensation has not yet been added for you. I can see we have requested it recently and you have also taken a complaint to the Ombudsman.

We now need to wait for the Ombudsman’s decision and then a member of our complaints team will be in touch with you directly.

– KT :bulb: