Late submission of opening meter reading - is this a problem?

I am late (more than 5 days) in submitting my opening meter readings as I have been away. It should have been done by 17 May but only submitted them today. The first payment has been taken. Will this cause a problem with the switch and my final bill from old supplier? If so is there anything I can do to sort it out e.g. contacting my old supplier?

Also I have had an email acknowledging the gas reading but not one for the electricity, even though I did that one first and gas immediately after. How can I confirm the electricity one has been recorded? I can’t see anything in my account pages where the readings are listed.

Heya @LGH18

All good questions. Firstly, no to worry. If you’ve not given us your meter readings on time, we’ll use estimates. Your previous supplier will use the estimates also, so you’ll never be paying for energy twice.

The estimates are based on historical meter readings which means they’re more often than not spot on. If the estimates are very different to your actual readings (over 100kw) then we will ‘dispute’ the readings with your previous supplier. Given that you have recently submitted your meter readings this is pretty straight forward.

We’ll need to wait until you receive your final bill from your previous supplier to know if we need to dispute.

It can a few hours for the meter readings to update. If it’s not in your account by tomorrow, drop me a message and I’ll pop it in manually.