Latest bill is completely wrong again!


I sent an email on an open issue been I have on has been on going since 2nd March, but haven’t got no new response so far since 9th March, so I’m posting here as well.

My original email was that I received a very large unexpected 1st bill where it stated I used 3599 KW/h of energy within the space between joining bulb on 30th Jan and 24th Feb 21 and was no way possible to use that much energy in time frame. This was noted incorrect by support and then corrected on my 30 Jan to 28 Feb 2021 statement, but now on my latest statement (01 Mar to 31 Mar 2021) it’s claiming I now owe £583.96, because it’s claiming I used 3492 kWh between 1st March and 4th March!? Is the billing system completely broken here?

Seems to be a decimal point or two escaped

Hi @horn.j,

It definitely does look like there is an issue with your meter readings on your account. I’ve sent you an email now so we can get this sorted, please can you get back to me when you can?

All the best,