LCS Chasing me for a debt - balance is £0 with Bulb

Hi all,

I moved house a few months ago, settled my account up so the balance now show’s as £0.

Since moving into the new place (Also with Bulb) I am being chased by this collection company for an outstanding amount of £150 ish.
I have spoken to Bulb (indian call centre) who didn’t really understand my point, however they did say that I don’t owe them anything.

I can’t get this collection company to leave me alone, they insist I owe them money and are threatening all sorts.

Do any of you have any ideas here? Or a contact number to an English department for Bulb that I could speak to??


Hi @jhosking11,

Thanks for your post! And welcome to community :wave:

I can see that your account has been closed at the previous address and we stopped supplying the property on the 15.07.21. We then took over the electricity at your new property on the 4.08.21.

Your balance is paid off with the previous property, are LCS getting in touch with you directly or the property? Please could you email a copy of the letters over to us at and we will be able to investigate further for you.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

– Daisy :bulb:

Thank you, I will email the letter through now.