leaving bulb- credit refund


I have switched away from bulb to another supplier. How do I get a refund of any credit on my bulb account? Must I contact you or will the refund be done automatically?

and when will i get my last bill from Bulb?

Thank you.

Hello @saghirahmed ,

Sorry to hear you are leaving Bulb - but just like joining Bulb (or another supplier), your new supplier will have to send your opening/closing reads to the ‘independent third party’ verification company who will then send them to your old supplier (such as Bulb in this case). The old supplier will then automatically raise the final bill and, if appropriate, issue a refund.

However, this process (due mainly to the third party), can take up to 6 weeks ( see https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360016075911-How-do-I-leave-Bulb- ) - in theory, you could have any excess money back into your bank within 24 days of signing up to your new supplier (21 days switch, then 3 days for the refund to work through the banking system), but that’s going to take a miracle of timing and coordination!