Leaving Bulb

I am leaving bulb as communication has been so poor and the price of the energy is not as competitive as it was.
I alerted bulb to the fact that my electric meter was malfunctioning and not providing accurate reading. 2 lots of photographs had to be supplied over a while before action was taken. I had no communication about what was to happen, how the estimates would be calculated and once again a large monthly DD taken and despite meter readings on several occasions I have never seen my account reconciled .
Trying to make contact with them has been difficult.
I am leaving next month and am being told it may take 6 weeks to get a figure regarding the account and they will still be taking a DD.
I feel that a referral to the ombudsman is a near certainty.
Does anyone have some advice or experience regarding this?

Many Thanks


6 weeks is the normal time given to close an account when you switch, so no different on that front. Are you confident your electricity meter is working now and have you calculated what your account balance should be?