Leaving bulb

Took over a property on 2nd of August that was supplied by bulb, on the 7th of August I changed supplier as bulb wanted to charge me £240 to have prepayment meters installed. My new supplier EDF who didn’t charge me a penny are yet to get any information from bulb to complete the switch

Sorry, just to confirm, you actually wanted to have prepayment meters installed?

Why ever would you do that? It always involves paying more for your energy. Bizarre.

It could be they are planning on renting out the property and it may make more sense to them for that.

But to answer @samj, there is a 14 day “cooling off” period (which given the 7th of August as a “start date” will make the end the 21st of August) which will have delayed things and EDF should be able to take over the billing of the supply without Bulb’s involvement (as they need to coordinate with the regulator who then acts as an intermediary between all the companies).