Leaving is when Bulb let themselves down.

After being very impressed with the aims, procedures and openness of Bulb, I have been dismayed by what happens when a price rise prompts you to leave. A day after our switch completes, access to our Bulb dashboard disappears! We can still login, but only get a blank bulb page on any browser. The same on the app. We can see no information about our usage, payments or the balance on our account. We therefore don’t know if we owe any money. I would have thought that must breach OFGEM rules. It is plain wrong behaviour from a company that boasts of being ethical. Every utility we have used lets you access the account for anything up to a year, so you can manage and monitor a process that can go horribly wrong.

So we use every relevant term we can think of in the Search box to find any guidance on the leaving process in the otherwise comprehensive help pages. Someone must have taken the decision not to ‘help’, as there is NOTHING.

The only contact from Bulb was one email just after we signed up to the new supplier ‘Sorry you’re thinking of leaving…’

What a sorry end.

Apologies you have not been impressed by the process of leaving us. We are working on providing access to Bulb account and the Bulb app after you begin the process of switching away from us. The reason we can’t continue to provide access at the moment is that it simply hasn’t been developed yet. This is something we are working on. In terms of leaving- the reason there isn’t any info is it should be a very simple process. You switch to your new supplier and give them readings. These readings take up to 6 weeks to reach us from your switch date as they have to be checked by third parties. As soon as we have them, we send you a final bill. This will show any outstanding credit or debit and will advise how and when that will be debited or credited to you. You should have no need to contact us.

Thank you. That was all invaluable information. Thereby completely demolishing your ‘explanation’ of why there is no info. All this needs to be on FAQ / help pages.

The reasons given for you (actively choosing) to end access are lame. All the other utilities we’ve used let you monitor the status of existing balance, usage and payments in. Switching may ‘a very simple process’ in theory, but you only need look at user forums to see how wrong it can go for some in practice. Mistakes are made. Which may be spotted early and minimised by customers having account access. Is this really OFGEM compliant?

Every utility we have used lets you access the account for anything up to a year, so you can manage and monitor a process that can go horribly wrong.
Every supplier I've switched from previously has either removed access to or removed the account completely shortly after leaving. It's a little disappointing that Bulb currently do it so quickly but it's not an abnormal practice.

I had same experience with previous suppliers.

@fffade We want to improve all the time and we are aware that this is one of the areas we can improve on. We prioritise certain things that may be more crucial for the tech team to complete and this is the reason why this part of the process has not yet been fully polished.