Leaving - last straw customer service, stupid estimates, lost confidence

After the fiasco of failed smart meter implementation I was able to manually input my readings. All went well last month, statement looked good. This month I entered readings, weird gas usage appeared on bill far higher than any winter month, no relationship to my entries. £148 for 2 people using the shower over one month is never right.

Then also the actual usage for previous months disappeared from the bar charts, only showing Gas for October and November. V weird. Called Bulb, poor person tried to help but said bill was an estimate and charts would correct maybe overnight.

I have accepted the tech situation but farcical estimates and what can only be described as indifferent attitude by agent I spoke to today means I have reached the end of the line. Totally lost all confidence now. Waste of time complaining, not prepared to send a photo of meter, my readings have been accepted without question for the last 13 months, now it has become too hard being a customer here.

My post is so that possibly someone from Bulb might read it.