Leaving with bulb holding £548.43 in credit

So i decided to leave after a spike in payments to £228.82 while £319.61 in credit and last months bill coming in at £144, the change went through on 20th Oct to the new company all before bulbs new payment would have been made i kept my DD open (more fool me) for my refund, bulb took my payment anyway which was due out on the 25th Oct (while £319.61 in credit) but very underhandedly took it the day before i changed company’s on the 19th Oct!!!
Nice move bulb so you now have £548.43 of my money, and i have to wait until the 30th Nov for your final bill then a further 5 days for refund, if that’s not bad enough i have to pass another payment date!! do i trust you to not take another payment, hell no, so take this as a heads up my DD will be cancelled as i simply don’t trust you. perhaps you could arrange a prompt final bill and refund, how hard can it be.
Perhaps you would like to comment if you happen to read these posts?

Same thing has happened to me although my credit isn’t as high as yours. Was due out on the 28th and was taken on 18th. Took a full months payment at the new rate and like you, I will have to wait until December for a refund. In the meantime, two weeks after Bulb has taken a month’s payment, my new provider takes their payment so that’s two bills within 10 days and money tied up with Bulb for ??? number of weeks.

Hi @rippedoff1 and @Grassmonster :wave:

Thank you both for your posts, and I’m sorry to hear you are unhappy with the switching process.

Your payment schedule remains active until the day you switch, so any pending or scheduled payments would still be taken in the period before your supply moves over. After you switch, no further direct debit payments would be taken the only instance in which we would take a payment is when there is not enough credit in the account to cover the final bill, but it does not sound like this will be the case for you both.

There is a lot of information to be handed over during a switch, and we have to wait for the readings your new supplier is starting your account on to be confirmed with us. This is an automated process so unfortunately we are not able to speed up the final bill or refund.

Please let me know if you have any more questions

Ele :bulb:

You took my payment on the day before i switched 6 days before payment was due i was also 319.61 in credit, what went wrong? i think Bulb knew exactly what they were doing lets face it the writings on the wall,

Hi @rippedoff1 :wave:

It can take a number of days for a payment to fully process through a direct debit before reaching your Bulb Account. In this case, it started to process before the payment schedule was cancelled. I can see we have now requested a refund of any remaining credit on the account, which will be with you in the next 3-5 working days.

Cara :stars: