Been with Bulb a month today but am not happy with their customer service as emails go unanswered, can someone confirm that there is no leaving fees as I think I need to move as I rate good customer service very important and Bulb do not have it?

I’m not doubting what you say, but it does seem surprising.
You are correct - there are no exit fees.

Hi @MrFraggle

I’ve been emailing you earlier today. We usually respond in a few hours but have been particular busy over the last few days which meant your email was replied back to just over 24 hours after your email.

We’ve not got any leaving fees at all, we don’t want our members to feel tied down.

Same here, sent 2 emails to them regarding my swap over readings, got notification that they had received, but no main reply to my questions. So I rang first one cut me off second one was as much use as a the first and stated that they had not received my emails. This is a good start, I’ll give it a couple of months and see if they improve. Not happy so far.