LED lights

I am probably late to the party but better late than never.
We live in a 4 bedroom detached bungalow and the brilliant graph that bulb display showing what your energy usage for gas and electric is per month is an eye opener .In our kitchen we have eight flush fitting ceiling lights 50 watt halogen giving a consumption of 400 watt s . These lights are on for a large part of the evening. So in my old fashioned reckoning this is like half a bar of an electric fire burning, we changed these to 5 watt cool LED with extra light!!
My point is why is nobody banging the drum for LED, less energy, more light and less wasted heat going into the ceiling. Am I just waking up to this technology or are we loathe to throw away bulbs that are still working but costing us money?

Hi @peter175 we completely agree LED lights are awesome! You can find a great article here all about Plumen who mix amazing, efficient LED bulbs with cool design https://bulb.co.uk/blog/plumen-watts-nott-like/

All of the love for LED over here. I’ve been all LED for over 5 years now! :+1:

You still have to be a little careful buying them though (like the early days of CFLs) as visible flicker, low CRI and over-powered chips are the norm in a lot of the cheap ones.

Those Plumen LED filament ones look pretty nice with the tinted ones having a CRI >90.

Even the cheap LED filament ones tend to be quite good colour wise as it’s the choice of (somewhat generic) phosphor giving the high CRI, but they sometimes cheap out with just a half or full wave rectifier (without a large enough capacitor), producing a visible flicker.

Agreed, LEDs have turned our dark electric guzzling house into a bright one with a freshly painted looks that wouldn’t have been achieved had we settled for the (Sickly) 2700K Warm LED Light offerings that the usual suspects on the high street and mail order seem to stock almost exclusively in preference to the 6000K Cool/White. Never forget the Security Lights, we replaced (6x 120W) with 15W LEDs and that made a huge in both Power Consumption & Improved Visibility.

I have swapped 9 x 60w halogen ceiling lights in the kitchen to 4 x 12w 6 inch LED panel lights. So much brighter and cheaper. A saving of 492 watts!
Also have outdoor LED flood lights 2 x 5w and 1 x 20w

I think people haven’t caught on yet because of several reasons:

  1. Negative press of bans on incandescent and halogen bulbs, which often quote how terrible the old school CFL energy saving bulbs are. People then associate the LED style with the CFL ones even though they don’t deserve to be compared.

  2. Even though the bans on halogen bulbs have now begun, retailers stockpiled them so you can still buy them most places. I have at least seen the incandescent ones start to disappear from supermarket shelves.

  3. The market leading LED bulbs from say Philips are still quite expensive, but I bought mine in Home Bargains for about £2.50 each (and the ones they didn’t sell in IKEA for about £4). They’ve all lasted the two years I’ve owned them so far.

  4. Some people I know have accidentally bought the Daylight (6500K) colour bulbs, and this has wrongly put them off buying any more.

They are definitely worth it though, so if you’re reading this go out and buy some. It won’t cost a lot and you’ll make the money back relatively quickly (and no more having to change still hot broken lightbulbs in dark rooms!)

and the ones they didn't sell in IKEA for about £4
They do have some pretty good LEDs for sale for a decent price. Not always the greatest CRI but the colour temperatures are nice and at least you can go and see them all lit up before you buy!

I suspect we owe quite a lot to IKEA for ensuring people don’t just see LEDs as niche products that are expensive or inferior.

I’ve just moved in to a place that has 46 little 25W MR8 (25mm) halogens downstairs across different rooms and circuits. I’d love to change these out for LEDs - but they don’t make LED in that size :’(

@stingray that is a bummer - I did see some MR8s online but they were very expensive and not from sellers I’ve heard of. Is it your property? I can’t imagine it would be that expensive to get the sockets changed to something more mainstream by an electrician…

I've just moved in to a place that has 46 little 25W MR8 (25mm) halogens downstairs across different rooms and circuits. I'd love to change these out for LEDs - but they don't make LED in that size :'(
They do, however they're either of unknown quality from places like Aliexpress, or very expensive.

If you own the place, it really would be easiest (and probably cheapest) to swap the fittings for something a little larger, even if just 35mm.

@mowcius What’s your recommendation in terms of cost/quality balance for standard room ceiling bulbs that aren’t always on, but must provide a decent light when they are? Thanks.

That would depend entirely on the room and function and what you consider a decent light!

The light required in a kitchen is quite different to the light required in a bedroom.

Personally I’m a big fan of lamps in rooms as well. A single bulb in the middle of a room rarely provides a nice atmosphere.

If you want dimmable for bedrooms, I bought some of these recently and they seem pretty good: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-Warm-Bayonet-Dimmable-Light/dp/B013T2ORJA
Combined with some Varilight v-pro LED dimmers they go down to almost nothing with no flicker at all and a slight decrease in colour temperature, akin to older style bulbs.
Possibly a little expensive if you’re used to buying incandescents but you get what you pay for!

If you don’t want dimmable, most of the LED filament style bulbs I’ve tried have actually been quite nice. I can’t really attest to quality on specific ones as unless you spend a lot of money, they tend to be unbranded and sellers change stock quite often. The phosphor seems very similar on most of them but the driver board quality (and design) does change and some have terrible flicker because of it.
Otherwise again, Philips have always been good for me.

@mowcius Thanks, that’s very helpful.

Agree with you re lamps, and my unscientific definition of a decent light is one that allows me to see in detail what I can’t see properly in lamplight.

Don’t want dimmable, so it sounds like Philips are a decent bet.

@xxx, I’ve just had a look at the current budget/mid range offering from Philips and I have to say I’m a little disappointed. I can’t find any figures on the R9 values but the CRI isn’t as high as I thought they were now. Should be fine for a bedroom but not fantastic for elsewhere.

If you need single bulbs somewhere where high CRI is important (a kitchen, dining room or maybe work area/study) then I’d probably recommend something like this: https://well-lit.co.uk/product/11w-dimmable-led-e27-bulb/
I believe it’s a Yuji LED, and with a CRI of 97 and an R9 value (a value of red that really matters for making food look good) it’s a very good price.