Left bulb a couple months ago but still get email that I'm being charged?

I’ve logged in my account and I can see that it’s still open and I’m being charged from bulb even though I’m with another company for 2 months now? What’s going on?

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That’s capitalism for you!

Hi @aggelos.papageorgiou :wave: Welcome to Community :slightly_smiling_face:

I can see you switched away from us in September, we no longer supply your property but the account stays open until the final bill has been generated and the account balance is cleared.

You have not yet had a final bill from us and these can take up to 6 weeks to be generated. That should come through to you in the next few weeks at which point the account will be closed.

While we wait for that to happen you will not be charged by Bulb so you don’t need to worry about that.

If you have any more questions please let me know,

KT :bulb:

Hi, I was charged by Bulb on the 27th Sept.
that’s how I realised I was being double charged by 2 companies

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Hi @aggelos.papageorgiou,

Your account is in £154.46 debit and we have not yet processed your final bill.

I can see your account closed on the 05.09.21 when you switched to your new supplier. We are awaiting confirmation of your final readings from your new supplier, before we are able to process your final bill.

The last readings we have are as follows:
Gas - 1055 (estimate)
Electricity - 1071 (estimate)

If you’d like me to go ahead, I can dispute this electricity reading as I can see your smart meter registered the reading of 1108 on the 03.09.21.

Are you able to confirm your starting reads with Octopus?

– Daisy :bulb:


As long as the house was with Bulb it was empty, I got into the house on the 1st of September and I started using octopus on the 4th. At best the Bulb bill should have been just the daily standing charges as everything inside the house was off.

Yes please dispute the readings

I’ll try to confirm the readings today

Hi @aggelos.papageorgiou,

Please could you email a copy of your tenancy agreement over to help@bulb.co.uk with the starting reads when you moved in and the final reads on the day that octopus took over?

We will then be able to change the dates on your account and re-bill you for the correct period.

Let me know if you have any questions

– Daisy :bulb: