Legibility of hyperlinks in forum threads

The colours and typefaces used on this forum I find to be easy on the eye and pleasant to read, with the sole exception of the hyperlinks.
Does anyone else think they’re a little too easy on the eye, rather pale, and could be more legible?

I see what you mean, but I think if you changed the colour to something clearer it wouldn’t look great. I like the way the colour scheme works personally. I suppose the links could be made bold to make them stand out a bit?

Although, the pink / purple colour in the site footer might be a good colour to use instead. I tried to use HTML to show what it would like looked like but it didn’t work, the page is probably configured to ignore the command…

@198kHz, what browser, OS, resolution and monitor are you viewing on? Got a screeenshot to show what you mean?

I haven’t noticed them being particularly terrible myself but the font weighting generally is maybe a light.

(OSX, Firefox Quantum, 27" 1440p iMac)

Test pink font standard
Test normal font standard
Test pink font bold
Test normal font bold

The pink also seems a little light.

I tried to use HTML to show what it would like looked like but it didn't work, the page is probably configured to ignore the command...
You can use

As a design rule, we use green for actions that people can take, e…g buttons and links, and pink for emphasis and headers. This is something that we think is important to be consistent on across everything we do. But I completely see your point. I think our lead designer has been looking at our colours recently for a very similar reason to this, so it’s something that’s on our minds. It’s possible that we could choose a slightly darker share of green, or that we could choose to always Bold is as @matthew744 suggested, or maybe we could choose a darker background colour. Personally I tend to prefer dark backgrounds with light text, rather than the other way round.

Something for us to think about when we do the Community redesign early next year!

@mowcius - I can only do basic HTML so gave up when the first thing I tried didn’t work - thanks for the tip though! @“Will at Bulb” - thanks for taking on the feedback - looking forward to seeing what the redesign looks like!

@“Will at Bulb” Thanks for your comments Will.
As I say, I’m very happy with the appearance overall - it’s just the hyperlinks that could do with a tad more prominence.
Good to know that your lead designer is on the case. :slight_smile: