Let down again

Thought this was a good supplier, how wrong, first they dictate the first payment date, then tell me this is the date I agreed on signing up, never would have agreed to this date as its prior or funds being transferred.
No that I can set my own date and amount it comes up with an error, yet again let down by this corrupt energy over payment company, where next?

by this corrupt energy over payment company

Quoting for evidence when the legal action begins. I trust you have information to backup this statement?

I’d suggest managing your budget more effectively and then it doesn’t matter when payments go in or out.

Hi @Highlander

I’m sorry that you’re unhappy with Bulb so far.

We try and communicate as best we can about payments in advance. When you sign up online, we write a timeline of when your first payment will be taken. Here’s an example:

We then send you a Welcome pack which details when your first payment will be. This will be sent to you on the day you sign up. But given that your switch date is not for another 21 days, three days before your first payment is due, we send you a reminder email that we’ll be taking payment.

Is there another way you think we should communicate this with members? Feedback would help us know how to improve.

You won’t be able to change your first payment date on your Bulb account until you’ve switched. This is because we’re requesting a direct debit mandate with your bank. But if a member gets in contact to let us know that the date will be a problem before their first payment, we’re more than happy to delay it by up to two weeks.

After the first payment is made, you can log in to your Bulb account to chose the day of the month and the amount you want to pay.

Please let me if you’d like changes to be made to your payments, I can get this sorted for you. You can reply below or drop me a message privately.