Let down by G4S on 3 occasions now

Had an engineer booked to come and look at our electric meter which has stopped logging night time consumption

1st appointment - engineer didn’t show
2nd appointment - postponed
3rd appointment (tomorrow) - just received a voicemail saying that the engineer cannot make the appointment and can I call to rearrange.

I’ve been dealing with Ewen in customer service who has been very helpful but I’m afraid this is unacceptable and reflects very badly on Bulb because otherwise I feel you have been providing a good and courteous service.

Can someone look into this please? What are the alternatives? I can’t believe there is only one company in the whole of the UK skilled in electric meters.

Hi @gracie

I’m really sorry. This is a rubbish service for you. We’ve already credited you £30 to say sorry for them, especially the first time when the engineer just didn’t show without warning. It must be incredibly frustrating to take the time to be home to sort it out and then have it canceled 3 times.

As a bit extra context; the second and third times were postponed due to emergency call outs. Unfortunately, if there is a home without electricity or with a dangerous meter then engineers are required to drop everything to sort them out. In the latest case, the engineer was working late last night on an emergency and can’t legally work this morning because of it.

Choices for metering suppliers are very limited. In fact, the country is about 11,000 energy meter engineers short, which is impacting the ability of all suppliers to hit the 2020 smart meter deadline. We’ve also written up an explanation of why we chose G4S here, in case you’re interested.

We’re really sorry that you’ve had such bad luck with this three times in a row. We’ll definitely keep in mind everything you’ve said and if there’s any way we can improve we will leap at it.

hi Will

After leaving it a few months, I decided to try again and rebooked the engineer who was due to attend my property tomorrow.

Lo and behold, I get a call from Morissons Data Services (?) today who advised me that the visit has been cancelled and next availability is now not until 2nd June.

Sorry, but that was last chance saloon for Bulb and I have decided to switch suppliers. This simply continues to reflect badly on you as a company.

Hi @gracie- we’re sorry to hear that you’ve had a continued bad service from Morrisons. We hope you have better luck in your new search.

We’ve been in contact with Morrisons to follow up on this and have been told the repeated problem has been due to your meter type. It’s a less common three-phase meter. What this means in practice is that there are far fewer engineers who are able to work on these meters. This means that the engineers cover a larger area and so are more likely to be called out on an emergency.

We don’t think it’s right that you should have a lower service because of this, so we’re following up with Morrisons to improve their resourcing for this type of meter. We’ll also be putting in place a better warning system for higher risk cancellations.

Best of luck!