Letter from Thomas Water


Just moved into my new flat and asked for bulb to be connected as my new provider.

Bulb said it will connect me by 27th of November.

I recieved a letter from Thomas Water asking me to pay for water and wastewater bill of 134pounds for the period of 1st of november 2019 and 31st of march 2020.

Its my understanding that I will be paying bulb for this right? So I do not pay this?

Not sure what to do.

Bulb are an energy supplier. Energy is electricity and gas. Water is not energy. What makes you think Bulb will have anything to do with your water bill?

Additionally, have you contacted the current supplier to your property in order to arrange payment for the period between when you took legal responsibility (typically when you “moved in” but not always) and the date of the switch to Bulb? i.e. you need to pay the current supplier from now until November 27. If you haven’t yet given them your details then the switch will likely be blocked.