Letting my property

How do I transfer my bulb account to tenants who will be moving in.

Hi @CloudCottage,

Simple answer - you don’t.

You just notify Bulb you are moving out (through the account page), and then Bulb will contact the new tenants/occupiers (by letter) stating they’ll be on a ‘deemed contract’ and ask them to setup a brand new Bulb account. The tenants are free to then select a new supplier (or stay with Bulb) if they want.

The only possible ‘exception’ to this would be if the cost of fuel etc was included in the rental price - which would mean the tenants paying you and you being responsible for the bills: but in that case, the account would not transfer over (it’ll remain in your name).

It’s a “bad idea” to transfer any sort of account to third parties anyway - there’s a chance the bills (from any supplier) might have bank account details on, their might be other ‘account verification’ information listed (dates of birth, mothers maiden names etc) which might get ‘transferred over’ and be visible to them: it’s always better to get them to setup a new account.