Liberty EG4v 10 readings in m cubed?

I have just had above bulb replacement meter fitted by Bulb. The Last one was reading backwards. For Months. I took pics as requested by Bulb of new meter. It gives reading in kWh. The Bulb rep then writes to me and tells me she needs the reading in m cubed? Is this a joke? I can find no way to change the units…?

This may possibly be of some help which I found on the Internet.?

finding a m3 reading

Smart gas meters

Press 9 on the keypad. VOLUME will appear on your smart meter screen.

You’ll see 6 digits (e.g. 00123.4) followed by an ‘m3’ symbol at the bottom right of the screen.

This figure is your latest reading – you only need to provide the first five digits before the decimal place.

Bulb also have a page which covers how to read meters at:

Hi there @Gomackay as @Allanr says the way to get a m³ reading from a smart gas meter, if it has a keypad, is to press the number 9 until ‘volume’ pops up on the screen, followed by a reading. If there’s no keypad but there is a red and a black button, then it’s the red button until you see ‘credit on’ then ‘meter index’ then the reading. I hope that helps! If it still doesn’t work please do let me know.