Lights gone out at bulb

Used to be great but since last year I’ve been asking about SMET2 as I’ve got a dumb SMET1 installed from previous supplier.
Bulb always have said ‘soon’ ‘we’re working on it’ ‘it’ll be rolled out soon’ ‘we’re having problems’ etc etc… Fobbed off with every excuse.
Why can’t the be honest and just say it’s not going to happen?
No point blaming Covid-19 for this fiasco because it’s been going on for much longer.
When I signed up I was told I’d need to give meter readings manually for a short time…
I’m still waiting and no point asking anymore because its just excuses!

If you have a smets1 meter installed from a previous supplier bulb will not be changing these. You either wait until the DCC roll-out the connector-uppy thing(hopefully sometime this year) or find a supplier that will give you smets2 meters

And what’s the Timeline for the roll-out?

Depending on the type of meter you have from about July(but that’s not carved in stone)

My (Scottish power) Elster SMET1 was working perfectly as a smart meter on your 3 tiers tarif… Smart reading were taken automatically daily… I assume at the time my meter was on the DCC?
Form 5th April, bulb sadly stopped the 3 tiers smart meter tariff… Since then, my smart meter is no longer smart and i am now on Estimate + manual meter reading…
When will my smart meter be smart again???
Why stoping the automatic reading?
Why stoping the smart part, as it has a great benefit of better knowing the demand, hence less over production wasted energy?
What’s next for me, since i am now a few step back compare to a few month ago. Why is mynelster SMET1 no longer. On the d
Of course, a smet2 replacement would be great (cad etc) but no chance to get one installed as i already have a smet1 (the drawback of early adoption, i am now forever stuck in the past!)…

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Hi @carrontony,

I’m sorry for this frustrating situation with your SMETS1 meter. I can assure you were are currently working on being able to read meter remotely again. We’ve set ourselves a deadline of the year to have them working as smart meters again.

There will be updates on our progress with SMETS1 meters very soon.

@Noah_at_Bulb Does this mean that you’ve stopped using a third party to read the SMETS1 meters, and you’re now focussing on migrating the old meters to the DCC?


My understanding is that we will be working with a third party to achieve this. There will be an update soon about this, which will go into more detail then I’m able to at the moment.

The reappearance of the magic word, once again

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