Limit your carbon emissions with your credit card

Doconomy, a fintech company based in Sweden, have launched a new mobile banking service that lets customers track the environmental impact of each purchase they make.

Using the Aland Index, Doconomy measures the amount of CO2 produced from each transaction. Customers can also set their own carbon limit through the Deconomy app. The aim is to help consumers reduce their carbon footprint by 50% in line with UN recommendations.

Customers are financially rewarded for being more environmentally friendly. The lower their carbon footprint, the more “Do Credits” they receive. These credits can be either put towards UN-certified offset projects or in invested in sustainability funds.

So instead of incentivising consumption with money for further consumption, Do members are rewarded by doing something good for the planet.

The average consumer in the UK emits 13.56 tonnes of carbon per year, and around 60% of this is linked to everyday consumption. Do you think a Do card could reduce your carbon footprint? If not, what else could incentivise you to cut your own emissions?

I think you got your link wrong (It’s Doconomy,

I like the idea but I can’t see many people moving to them just for the carbon features.

Hopefully it’ll encourage others to implement similar ideas into their banking.
It’s definitely something I could see UK fintechs getting involved with.