Link replacement IHD


My meter was recently upgraded. I got an email from Bulb saying “Your electricity meter is smart again” on 4 May. Thanks! I bought a shiny new Chameleon IHD, fresh out of the box. How do I get it linked to my smart meter? When I go through Chameleon’s activation process it says that my meter hasn’t been upgraded yet :frowning: Presumably it will take a while for whatever database they are using to get updated. Is there a way I can expedite getting my IHD paired, or if I have to wait for the db to update, any idea how long that might take?


Hi @davidr1 :wave:

I would suspect there is a delay in getting this updated on the smart database. I would try pairing it again in a couple of weeks and if this is not successful please get back in touch with us.


Jenny :star:

Hi Jenny, I am still unable to pair my new IHD. Same message as before. It has been over a month now. Please help!