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How do I get a new top up key for my pre pay meter. My key stopped working, when I contacted Bulb via email, as there chat couldn’t help, and was told a new key was being sent to me within 3 working days and that I should continue to use my original key, (the one that didn’t work), 8days later no key. I contacted the same advisor who apologised a told me to wait as it would arrive and to clean the old key and to blow into the key socket on the meter,(seemed risky to me), 12 days later still no key. I called there emergency services the guy there asked me lots of questions about error codes which I couldn’t answer, he was going to arrange for an engineer to check the meter and when he called me back we decided to firstly try a new key he emailed me info on where in my area to pick up a key and instructions for the shop to programme the key, unfortunately none of the shops listed had keys for Bulb. So 13 days after my original contact with Bulb I still have no way to top up my meter. Advice treat all info with a pinch of salt. Back in September I recieved an email from Bulb advising me to apply for whd, I chatted online with an advisor who asked about our circumstances and then told me that we qualified and to apply when it was rolled out, when we applied in Dec we were told we didn’t meet the criteria.

The right hand doesn’know what the left is doing :confused:

Hi @CRAMMOND - I’m very sorry to hear about your experience here. It looks like we have a complaint open for you at the minute and sent you the latest update via email this morning. Please get back to us there so we can keep the correspondence in one place. :slight_smile:

Yes Mathew emailed me a list of shops to pick up a key unfortunately the ones I tried did not carry the key I emailed Mathew about this yesterday. At 11:06 I received an email from Mathew advising me as what was to happen next, prior to that, this morning, I contacted Bulb by phone I don’t recall the advisors name we agreed that ne would telephone the shops listed to ascertain who had a key he said he would call back but as yet has not. Mathew has organised a new kew to be delivered by first class post.
Robert Tait


We are sorry about this, I know it is a frustrating situation.

I have taken a look and asked my colleague to give you an email update as soon as possible, the key should be with you shortly.

If you do run out of credit in that time please give us a call on 0300 30 30 635