Live chat

I can never connect to the live chat via the app! How else can you get any live support outside of the standard support documents posted in the service support? I have had a smart meter fitted by bulb but now my account does not create any statements so I have no idea what my account balance is…and there’s no one to help!!

Hi @johnedward

Sorry that we’re unable to speak to via chat. We can help you here on Community or you can give us a ring on 0300 30 30 635 :slight_smile:

We need to get those statements sorted. I’ve let the smart team know that your statements are not showing. Once we’ve solved this, we’ll send you an up to date statement.

Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks…is there any update?

I am also interested in this. It is totally impossible to get in touch with Bulb. Every time I’ve called I am advised that you are ‘exceptionally busy’ and have a wait of at least 20 minutes - I have just given up for the 3rd time. Chat is never available, and my email from 12 days ago is still unanswered, despite a follow up sent mid last week.

I would suggest you stop recruiting for new customers until you can service the ones you have. Please advise what is being done to resolve this - and answer my emails! I love the idea of Bulb, but so far service has been appalling which is really disappointing.

Hi, is webchat working for anybody yet, I cannot get it to work?

Neither for me either. Over a few days, @Eleanor_at_Bulb when all agents are busy, does the chat disappear?

Or is there technical problems again.