Livid by the monthly increase, time to bin bulb

Hey Bulb,

So not only do you inform me of the price hike which will increase my bill according to you by £5.50 per month, but you’ve also decided to increase my monthly payments from £40 per month to a whopping £81.09 during a pandemic! You claim my account was £38.22 in debit last month but the reason for that is because you always send the bill before taking the money from my account which means my account automatically goes into debit initially for the first day or two and then my card is charged £40.00 and the remainder comes out of my account which brings it back into credit. This has always been the case since I joined Bulb in 2017, I pay a set amount off my card and top up my account with the remainder. I’m not prepared to pay for more than what I use each month, nor should I be expected to. You are basing these payment changes on estimates and historic usage of energy but for half the year my bills don’t exceed more than £50.00 and for the other half rarely over £60.00. 18 months ago my bills were higher because there were six people living in my house now there’s just two which is reflected in my reduced energy usage. This is unacceptable and I would like an explanation. I’m so angry and fed up with Bulb, I think it’s time to move to an energy provider who values their customers.


They will just parrot at you it’s to cover your estimated winter usage.


I feel this I’m a single person and I currently pay £61 a month and since may it hasn’t gone above £40 and since this increase, they wanna try and charge me £75 a month for a single person I don’t see this as right at all.


My usage hasn’t gone above £61 and they want to tack another £26 onto that for estimated winter usage!


In the last 12 months, since the number of people in my household was reduced by 4 my bill has never exceeded £69.00, most of the time its forty-something and in the winter it goes up by a tenner. Their estimations are WAY off and unacceptable. Also if they don’t want my account to go into debit, why not just ask me to move the date in which the payment comes out of my bank so that when they send me the bill, it doesn’t automatically put my account in debit? Easy solution, none of this doubling the amount. I won’t have it, they either need to reduce the amount they’re charging me, or I’m off to another energy supplier. Their loss not mine.


It’s reprehensible. As long as you keep your account in credit, they shouldn’t force you to pay any more than what you use. It’s wrong.


Way I see it is credit shouldn’t be mandatory at all; as long as your bill is paid every month, for however much it is as per your usage, it should be the customers choice whether they want to hold credit or not, not the company’s.


Yes…bottom line, they want YOUR money sitting in THEIR bank account…not in yours.


Totally nailed it imo.


They do want the money already, because they but there energy in advance. this allows it to be cheaper (lol) so they do actually have a reason for that.

They’ve done the same to me and are now asking me to pay double what my bill comes in at each month!! My account is in credit already but they are telling me it’s not enough they want more and are demanding an increase in the amount I pay each month or a one off payment to put my account in more credit than it already is. I was unlucky and lost my job during this pandemic and find paying for my actual usage each month enough right now but unfortunately this also fell on deaf ears. It’s time to switch companies to one that doesn’t treat its customers this way


@izzyhunt With respect, I don’t think you get it. It’s not that people don’t understand what bulb are telling them. It’s statistically impossible for all of us to completely misunderstand after all.

We are all in the same position, pretty much. We are all sitting in credit, most of us sitting in a month’s, two months, some more in credit, and yet bulb are telling each and every one of us that we are in debt, so much debt that they need to forcibly double, or even triple our payments to not only cover this mysterious debt, but put us all back in credit by a couple of months just to “keep prices low” and to “cover our increased usage over the winter, that’s what that credit is for”.

They are completely disregarding people saying they have never missed a bill, not even in winter with their increased usage taken into account. They are completely disregarding people saying they are already several months worth in credit, they are completely disregarding people saying they are now blocked from even lowering their payments. In fact, we cannot even lower them to what they were before, out minimum payments are now even way above what we actually use because we are all apparently so far in debt.

Most of us keep a very close eye on our actual usage and can provide figures to prove such, and send in regular meter readings, and yet bulb are still spewing the same rhetoric at everyone.

I really appreciate that you are trying to help those that genuinely don’t understand where bulb is coming from, but those people are very much in the minority. There is a reason we are all angry. There is a pandemic going on as well, now entering its second phase, people either all lost their jobs, are about to now, or took massive wage hits. My own job is looking insecure as I type. That’s why we are all looking to bulbs competitors, and why bulbs behaviour now is so reprehensible.
And this is coming from a former very happy customer.


Spot on! Don’t treat me like an idiot bulb! Bye bye bulb, you’ve made a serious mistake here, not the price increase but taking away your customers ability to manage their direct debit how they see fit and by imposing your minimum direct debit amounts.


I totally agree with these comments; we shouldnt be forced to pay more than we are actually using and are in credit once monthly payment is made.


Me smell something in the woodpile, 1. To increase cash flow, 2 Recoup a lot of bad debt caused by the pandemic.
That’s me missed out on two(2) price rises, :rage:.
Also wonder when OFGEM reveiw the price cap in March, probably upwards to reflect the increase in w/sale prices that only bulb seem to know about, will that be another increase.


Just left Bulb, feed up with the smart meters not working excessive bills.
Everybody try Octopus Energy


I would tend to agree with this @skippy64. There’s no other explanation at this point, because bulb are sure not providing one.

I’ll be off too @Dave3159. I looked at a few since I got the email informing me of the price hike and my supposed massive debt. Green and Octopus were winning, but I think Octopus will take the crown.


I received my email, my existing tariff was incorrect for electric, had to speak to Bulb ‘chat’ to have them confirm it was incorrect
As of tomorrow when my bill is generated and my D/D is taken I will be £190 in credit, built up to take me through the winter months, my choice
However bulb say I will incur a cost of £3 extra a month with the new price increase, but they want to up my D/D by c£9 a month
How are they calculating it ???
And are they taking away my ability to control my D/D??
Not impressed at all


You will no longer have the ability to control your DD, no. I wasn’t specifically told that in my email, but I have already been blocked from lowering mine, and the “minimum” amount I can lower it to is now higher than the energy I actually use each month, by £15. They seem to think I am in debt, I am not I’m in credit, and that is the reason for this.

They also seek to increase my DD further on top of this FOR me.

So indeed, all control over our DDs are being taken away. If it hasn’t happened to people yet, it will soon. As a couple of staff members have already let slip on the boards, they’re rolling these changes out. They’re just not being transparent about it.


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