Locked up Smart Meter - no readings or response to button presses


I’ve touched on this in another thread, however it was marked as resolved so I thought best create my own in case forum staff don’t look at solved threads and concentrate on new ones.

My electricity smart meter locked up in August 2021. It has been showing the same reading since then, the led is flashing every second and the communication hub has no activity (all LED’s are off). The IHD isn’t getting a signal either.

I reported this issue to the chat team at the time, sent a video of the meter an the flashing LED as well as a picture of the unit. I got a response back that a over-the-air reset will be sent and this could take up to 6 weeks. This didn’t work, and I asked for an engineer to be sent out to fix the meter. Despite a few chaser emails (not sent that many due to the Administration concerns) no booking has been made.

As the meter has locked up I can’t provide any electricity reading at all, so could lose out on usage costs when the readings are finally extracted. The gas meter is working fine and I can give a manual read on that.

The meter was installed on the 23rd March 2020 (I can’t forget THAT day!!) and worked fine until August 2021. An engineer did visit a few months after to check it was installed correctly and working fine (as it was then) but nothing since.

Short of seeing if a localised power failure creating the switch-it-off-and-back-on-again scenario, is there anything that a home user can do to get it back up and running?

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

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Hi, I had the same thing a few months ago, although mine was just showing a software version on the display. Tried for months to resolve with Bulb, but ended up talking to Citizens Advice. Explained the issue to them. Sorted within the week.

Hi @Andy2510 ,

I’m really sorry for the poor experience you’ve had with us. We always aim to provide great service to our members, and it sounds like this isn’t what you’ve experienced here.

I have sent over a follow up email to you now,

Please kindly reply and we can take it from there.

–Suki :hibiscus:

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Hi Suki. I’ve replied to the email with the information required. I hope it’s sufficient!

Hi, great to see the responsiveness of Bulb in this community taking action on resolving issues as well as useful advice from members! We reported a similar issue to this one and several here - the gas meter has no display. It is blank and not possible to take readings. I will post here or is it best to start a new thread?

Bulb indicated in January that the engineer is being arranged, as we don’t have confirmation of the date yet I’d like to find out when this will be? Several family members have communicated with Bulb, sent requested descriptions, taken photos and film of button pressing etc. We wrote again via website on Friday and have the emails back to 2021 which can be provided if required. In the meantime thanks also for community recommendations on Citizen’s Advice, advice to consult the regulator Ofgem when over 8 weeks and other agencies, these definitely sound useful to follow up too. We had planned to look at contacting Ofgem this week. Is it recommended to do alongside?

An outline of the issues:

  1. Meter readings were advised on 31 March and we are concerned it wasn’t possible to do this for gas before price rise. How can we ensure correct billing for pre-1 April usage if there is no breakdown? For electricity we submitted on 1 April, is there a way to link it back to 31 March?

2.We need to manage household budget with limited resources. There is a large account credit based on estimates, which is not being taken against our bills. It has been very difficult to budget accurately without knowing actual usage costs to factor in correctly for gas.

  1. Our usage was already sparing particularly over winter knowing prices were rising although personal circumstances including impact of redundancy mean we’re often home, sitting at desks for study etc. We are mindful of needing to keep consumption to minimum. This is challenging with current freezing conditions and snow. At home we have 2 children and the adults are dealing with a medical condition which is affected by cold exposure (under hospital care). Since 1 April price rise, having no readings causes further uncertainty as to how much we can keep heating on to maintain sufficient warmth.

  2. We do not have adequate access to our account. It is in my mother’s name, my sister is the 2nd account holder as payment comes from her bank account. However she has been unable add her name to statement, her email for communication or gain access to our account. She followed a recent Bulb email link (27 Feb) to enable access but it doesn’t work. All billing emails etc currently go only to our mother’s address which we can’t directly access. Our mother is currently on holiday abroad, she can check emails. We have limited phone contact for now.

Please advise any further information required for making arrangements? I look forward to hearing from you, many thanks.