Loft insulation grants

Hi, does anyone know if there are still any loft insulation grants to be found? thanks,

Hi @kpi yeah I believe there are. Larger suppliers are required to provide a certain number of insulation grants to help homes become efficient. And, according to this article on Money Saving Expert I found, you don’t have to be their customer for them to give it to you. Which is good.

There do tend to be requirements for them though, usually based on whether you receive certain income-related benefits. You have to apply for it through each suppliers’ websites. There’s more info in the MSE article and this Which article too.

I asked British Gas about this last year. When their surveyor came round, he said the application would be declined because my attic has very low roofspace; one can only stand upright in the very centre of it. So there can be other obstacles to getting a grant than just means-testing etc.

Thanks @dianaw thats really useful to know. Thanks!