Loft insulation

Hi. Does Bulb offer rebates or other incentives to install/upgrade loft insulation? Thanks

Hi @bamaxiUGA8823 We don’t at the moment offer any kind of deals like that, mainly because we always want to commit to our promise that all our members are on the same tariff.

However saying that, we totally encourage any efforts to improve the energy efficiency of your property, the incentive being it will save you money while saving the planet!

According to , you may be able to get free/reduced cost loft insulation from the “big six” even though you aren’t a customer of theirs.

Hi @bamaxiUGA8823 and @RichyB! Thanks very much for sharing this @RichyB, it looks like a really good opportunity for @bamaxiUGA8823 to get in touch with one of the big 6 to see if they can offer loft and cavity insulation.

Thanks for the help guys!

Hi, I have tried to access the free loft insulation from the big 6 but as expected as I was not a customer they have some woggle that I did not meet the criteria when their online assessment indicated I did! Is there any scope for lovely Bulb to see if they could establish a scheme with incentive or reduced rates for bulb customers? It might entice new customers as well as keeping existing ones happy &, reduce lost energy in lots of homes??? Mary

@mary132 it’s a great idea, and something that we have looked into. It’s not something that we can offer at the moment, but will let you know if anything changes.


Are there any developments on this? We are very happy Bulb customers but also keen to get our loft insulated, so would be great to know if there have been any changes/other opportunities. thanks, Tashi

Hi Bulb. I would be interested to know if this has changed. I understand you are now an obligated supplier under Ofgem’s ECO (Energy Company Obligation), so thing may have changed. Can you let us know if you are able to help us better insulate our homes to help decrease our carbon footprint and bills. It would be crazy to think you have nothing in place to help with this :crazy_face: