Log in to Bulb

Previously Bulb have used a once only log in password which was emailed when you wanted to log in. Now I have been asked for a password. Why the change? The previous system seemed so much more secure.

Hi there @thebrewingman we always allowed people to log in either with a password or with a sign in link, the change we made is that now the default is to log in with a password and you have to select the other option beneath to receive a log in link. The reason we changed is, basically, that we want to make things easier for our members, and in our tests we found that using a password worked better for people than waiting for a link to be sent through (especially as some email providers sent those links into spam). If you’d like to keep logging in with the links rather than setting up a password you’re more than welcome to do so, we’ve just found that in general people prefer passwords