Logging in to mybulb via facebook

I’ve tried logging in to mybulb to submit meter readings and I get this error message

Error Message
Your Facebook account isn’t linked to your Bulb account. Try using the email that you gave us when you joined us. Click here to reset your password.
Email help@bulb.co.uk if you need a hand.

I can’t seem to login the normal way either.

Any help?

Many Thanks


@steverearl thank you for the note, and sorry for the trouble.

I’ve just sent an email to you which contains a link that will allow you to directly access your MyBulb account. Once you are in, please change your password in the ‘View account and tariff info’ section of MyBulb.

Thank you no worries. Also is it possible to disregard my first submission for my meter reading for electric at all. I was getting it confused with my gas reading.

Many Thanks


@steverearl no problem. what should it be instead of 854 please?

So gas should be 854 and electric should be 02860. Many Thanks Steve

@steverearl I’ve entered that for you :slight_smile: