Logging into bulb app since update

Logging into app since it’s update is terrible. I can now only log in if I entered my email manually then hit the send a link button so have to then go to emails log in and Open email to click on link to log in to bulb account- what a palaver!

I don’t mind doing this as an alternative when my password is wrong as a back up but not being able to automatically log in using saved email and passwords is a chore.

When I try to do it the easier way (for me) with password and email option I get the page to do that but once entered using the saved password and email option it then just redirects me back to the other page where I have to once again manually enter the email.

This afternoon prior to the app changing my access to bulb via app was simple so now I have to revert to type and access via website for ease of access!

Bad enough I got a shocking electric bill this month and a message recommendation to dmorw than double my monthly payments then to add this aspect to today’s interaction I’m questioning whether I made a smart move switching to Bulb?

Stupid question? But have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling worth a shot


Hi thanks for responding.

Not a stud question at all.
Yeah I tried that and would have been great if it had worked.

Just glad I don’t need to log in often as it’s a real hassle now. Worse things happen at sea so will just endure till bulb fix app.

Have a great weekend