Login Issues

When I try to login in through email/password or email link I receive the following error:

Error Message
Couldn’t find your account. Please enter the address where you receive your Bulb Account emails.
Email help@bulb.co.uk if you need a hand.

It has been this way for over a week and I have emailed a number of times without response. Anyone else having issues? I was switched from prepayment to metered just over a month ago and this error began after my account was meant to be updated.

Would be useful to have this sorted so I can start sending in meter readings.

Hey @AFBrown - that’s strange!

I’ll tag some of the guys over at Bulb to help out with this one! @“Eleanor at Bulb” @“Will at Bulb” @“David at Bulb”

Hey @AFBrown. We’re getting your login sorted for you. Rory will email over your new login details to make your meter readings are up to date. Sorry for the delay.

Thanks Eleanor, I’ll wait to hear from Rory.

How long will the remainder of this process take? If it takes much longer I will just have to switch to a supplier than can set up an online account.

Hi @AFBrown apologies, I know that delays like this can be very frustrating, I will check up with Rory to see how it’s doing but it can take a couple of weeks to sort out an account after a meter exchange. I