Login Problem

Dear Bulb, I am unable to login to my bulb on your website using any of the methods you provide. I can login in to the community support and the app though… Can you help with this? The app does not appear to show any usage data or the readings I’ve submitted. I think there may a problem with my account. Thanks.

Hi @tommyboyjunior, what exactly occurs when you try and log in to MyBulb on the browser?

I can fill out the details but when I click the login button it will not load anything up. It’s as if the button doesn’t work.

Hi @tommyboyjunior, is this still an issue for you? I’ve had it once or twice but it’s always resolved itself after a few minutes.

@tommyboyjunior Are you still having this issue? From our side everything looks fine, could be an issue with the cache on your browser, have you tried clearing it?

Let me know if you are still having issues!