London Climate Action Week 2020 PART 2 🌎 (QUIZ!)

Hi all,

This week, between 14th and 20th November, is the London Climate Action Week (LCAW) 2020.

LCAW is an annual event bringing together world leading array of climate professionals and communities. It creates space for London’s world leading array of climate professionals to come together to find solutions to climate change.

This is the second year it is taking place, and is building on the momentum from last year and the previous digital LCAW that was held back in July (you can have a go at our quiz from this event here).

The aims of LCAW are to find a unifying “whole of society” response to the climate emergency. Together, London’s cultural institutions, policy-makers, professionals, communities, faith leadership, academics and researchers will explore new solutions to transition to an equitable net zero carbon world. The main areas of focus are renewable energy, green recovery and climate change.

In celebration of this event, we have created another climate change related quiz for you to have a go at!

Have a go and share your scores below. :smile:


8/10, and a climate genius - looks like I got nothing to worry about when it comes to climate change :sweat_smile:

Hi @Ff1220 / Climate Genius :world_map:

Thanks for sharing your experience with the quiz and congrats on that score :tada:

We hope you enjoyed it