London Climate Action Week 2020 🌍 (QUIZ!)

This week (1st - 3rd July) is the London Climate Action Week 2020, which has been taking place digitally. The event has been focussing on:

  • Green investment to rebuild economies;
  • International collaboration to address the climate crisis;
  • Solutions for adaptation and resilience.

You can find out all about it, and take a look at some of the events here.

This year the event is being co-organised by one of Bulb Foundations grantees, E3G.

Did you know that when you join Bulb, Β£2 is donated to Bulb Foundation to do more to fight the climate crisis? You can read more about the climate causes we’re supporting through Bulb Foundation in our latest blog post.

To celebrate this, we have created a quiz to test your knowledge on the climate crisis. Give it a go and share your scores below!


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