Looking for a way to add Gas to the Electric (Dual Fuel)

Hi All,
Can anyone point me in the right direction, looking to add Gas to the electric account (Dual Fuel) but cant seem to find a way without starting from scratch and re applying for the electric again which I didn’t want to do as it might add complications to the account. I have also tried to look for the gas tariffs independently on Bulb but again to no avail.

Looking through the account options available online I don’t seem to be able to " add" gas as a straight forward option.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just tell Bulb customer services and they’ll start your gas switch. You might need to confirm your gas meter serial number, possibly via a photo of the meter itself.

The rates are the same whether you have them separately or via dual fuel. So you just look at the dual fuel rates. See: https://bulb.co.uk/tariff/

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Many Thanks Hooloovoo for your quick response.

You’re welcome. Are you absolutely sure you want Bulb to supply your gas? They are very expensive, at least in my area. I’m about to switch my gas supply away from them.