Looking to switch...

Hi, I’m looking to switch to bulb, but would like to know a few things first.

I’ve just moved into a property and the previous tenants had smart meters. The property is now fully run on electric no gas is needed. However a gas meter is still connected to the property.

We would like the electric smart meter removed as it is situatuated no more then 300mm from our heads at night as we lay down to sleep and a normal digital meter put in.

The current smart gas meter we would also like removed as we have no use of gas in the flat. Domestic side is already capped.

What price are we looking at for the work to be done, ready for us to connect up to bulb energy?



Hi Danny, we can change your electricity meter to a digital meter at a cost of £120 and your gas meter can be removed completely for £113. In both cases we would need to be supplying you first before we booked in these works. Let me know if you’ve got any other questions.