Loss of gas usage on IHD

We had a short power cut at about 8.00pm last night. The power flickered on and off a couple of times.

Since then we haven’t had live usage for gas. Electric appears to be fine. How do we get the gas to show again please.


All sorted. Just did a hard reset by holding on/off button on back of IHD for about 15 seconds then powered on, it communicated with both meters and now have both usage counts back.

Your lucky my IHD has not worked since the day it was plugged in and Bulb customer services don’t care as they are getting their automated reading.
If I had my time again I wouldn’t get a smart meter fitted.

Hi @blackcapbob, I’m really sorry to hear your IHD isn’t working as it should. Please can you give me a little bit more detail about what exactly is wrong with it?

@Markta glad you were able to get that sorted, let us know if you have any issues in the future!

Hi GeorgieS thanks for your concern, there is no point I have complained to Bulb, Adam M the complaints specialist !!! has done nothing to resolve my complaint other than get me to send my defective IHD to the Smart Team and then close my complaint he’s a real star . This afternoon I have submitted a complaint to the Energy Ombudsman, we will see where that ends up.

Hi @blackcapbob

When a complaint is escalated to the Ombudsman we have to wait for their outcome. As soon as we’ve heard back from the Ombudsman we’ll act immediately on their decision

We hope you understand this, thanks for your patience.