Lost electric key, can't contact Bulb for a new one

I need a new electric key. I haven’t been able to access Bulb customer service over the phone or online for the past 2 days. Iv had to come on here to see what I can do. I now have 62p left on my meter and can’t access the emergency credit without a key. It will run out by morning as will my phone battery. How can I get a key or my meter credited if I arn’t able to contact customer service.

If you email emergency@bulb.co.uk between 9am and 6pm (Monday to Sunday), they’ll reply within an hour. After 6pm, they’ll reply by 10am the next day if it’s a weekday or by 11am the next day if it’s the weekend or a bank holiday.

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Sorry to hear you were unable to get through to us. I can see that this has now been resolved. If for any reason you require a new key, you can always pick up either an EDF or EON key and we will need to generate a code to take with you to your local paypoint store. This is so we register your key to the correct meter.

We do have other ways for our members to communicate with us:

If you require any further assistance then please do let us know.

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