Lost electric key

Hi I have lost my electricity key and my electric supply has compleley gone. And the key has credit on it the last bit of money i had i spent on credit. I can’t activate my emergency as dont have the key. I have a young baby and a toddler and literally panicking what iam going to do. I have called and emailed bulb but had no reply whatsoever. Their lines don’t re open until 9am in the morning. I.have even called the emergency and faults electric helpline and was advised that they cannot help me. Does anyone have any ideas of what else I can possibly do?? Any numbers i can ring?? I have literally tried everything I can think of. Or is it a case of waiting until they 're open tomorrow morning?? Also it says they can send a replacement key out within 3 to 5 days. There is no way I can be without electric that long with little ones. Once again if anyone has any advice I’d be so so greatful. Thankyou

I think all you can do is phone Bulb first thing.

I dont know if this would apply if you still have it as I dont have pay as you go…

.." you can use your old card, this will still work. If you have not received a key from us please use your old card, then give us a ring and we can send you out a new key "......
  • Member has spoken to us on the phone, new key collection is being organised

maybe if you have a friend with the same type of electric key you could put credit on that friends key dont know if the meter would accept it tho its worth a try in a sticky spot?? obv the money would be credited to your friends account but it gets your electric back till your own key is restored and then your friend could put some credit on your key to pay back… Just an idea… All the best a new and bit concerned bulb customer.

You have posted on an old thread, but…

I have cut and pasted the following from another suppliers web site which suggest it isn’t a god idea to do what you suggest:

Can you use someone else’s electricity key or gas card to top up your prepayment meter?

No, your key/card will only work in your meter. It’ll show how much credit you have left, how much energy has been used and what the current meter reading is. If you use someone else’s key or card, you run the risk of losing any credit balance you may have had on the meter and losing supply to both your meter and your friend’s meter.

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