Lost eletric key with credit

Hi Bulb, please see below for the email i sent on Tuesday 02/07/2019 @ 18:25. i have since followed the email up with 2x chaser email sent on 04/07/2019 @ 11:57 and again on the 05/07/2019 @ 10:24, all emails were sent as advised by your telephone operative along with an attachment of receipt as requested Sadly no one has come back to me yet…can someone help with this enquiry?

Hi bulb,

I’ve been told to email this address.

So basically on Thursday 27th I topped up my electric key with £30 of electric. I then lost the freshly topped up electric key. I have had the key cancelled and managed to sort a replacement and have since topped up again.

Is there a chance I can have a refund on the £30 of lost electric?

Please see attached for receipt for proof of purchase.

Please advise

Kind regards
James booth

@“HenryF at Bulb” any chance you can assist James on this?

Thanks for the tag, @RichyB . James got in touch via email and Matty has helped him out.