Lost half of day

I had a appointment booked and took half of day holiday so my smart meter can be sorted. The engineers turned up looked at it and said , we haven’t got the parts. My house is a new build. They where there 2 min said no and I should book a new appointment. So I lost out on half of day for nothing. Just chatted to customer service. They said : unfortunate. He will pass the feedback on. Okay then thanks for the info. Now I have to book another day to get it sorted.

Hi @Nicolenuccia

I’m very sorry that the smart meter installations wasn’t able to go ahead. We do all we can to make sure that installations go smoothly, but there are some things beyond our control that mean an installation might not go ahead.

There are a few things that members can do to make a smart meter installation a success.

If you’d like to discuss the specifics of your installation, the smart team would be able to help. They can be reached on hello@bulb.co.uk.

Even when the installations go ahead they don’t work… when are we going to get a fully operating system?

.... when are we going to get a fully operating system?

I suppose when they have ironed out all the bugs.

If I was you I would just cancel the whole thing and come back in a years time. The whole smart meter rollout was and still is a shambles. Not all Bulbs fault but I dont have much time either for suppliers who blame each other, particularly as they have a central body which is supposed to be coordinating everything.

Note that when Bulb say ‘We’re happy to say that the majority of cases go smoothly…’ they dont say 25% dont actually work after the install (their figures).

Hi elenore. I looked at your list and there is nothing I didn’t do. I know mistakes can happen but when I chatted with customer service it was just like : oh tough luck and see you. I work hard and I have to waist 1 day holiday because of it. It’s just annoying

Hi @Nicolenuccia

I really am very sorry that we did not handle your call with more empathy. It certainly is frustrating, especially if you’ve taken time off work for the fitting. I’ll have a listen back to the call and see what we can do to improve things for the future.