Lost in translation


I just moved in my flat and received my first bill from 13 july to 13 septembre. As I moved on the third september, i’m trying to reach someone from bulb on the phone in order to correct my bill but impossible… Also, does anyone know where I can pay my bill online ? can’t find any link!

thanks in advance for your help =)

Assuming you moved in and the property was already supplied by Bulb you need to take over the account starting here:

As part of the process you’ll need to set up payment details and then later submit meter readings. More details here:

Hey @lea123 great to hear you’ve moved into a Bulb property! Welcome to Bulb Community as well

Hopefully the move in link from @norman7115 will have helped you to set up the account from the date you’re responsible, but please let us know if you still need help with this