Lost key- Are there any agents here?

Hi there

I have searched high and low and I cannot find my key. I only have a little bit of credit left and I cannot access the emergency credit without the key. Any assistance would be great, please. I have tried calling and emailing already. Thanks

The standard Bulb telephone number is diverted to a third party handling out of hours emergencies. However, until you actually run out of credit you wont be considered to be in an emergency situation. Unfortunately all you can do is either try to make your credit last until Bulb are open again and can get a new key to you, or wait until you’ve actually run out and make use of the emergency contact facility.

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I thought as much. I will just use the minimum electric that I can and will give them a call on Monday. Thanks for the fast response.

Hi @saralthomson,

@Hooloovoo is right, however we do have agents replying to emergency emails over the weekend as well. Hopefully you have been able to chat to one of the team by now :slightly_smiling_face: