Lost PAYG Credit since joining Bulb


Any help would be appreciated

I’ve recently moved to bulb from spark energy and when it switched over I lost around £8 on my electric and £6 on Gas

I’ve contacted my old suppler and they said that the credit would of moved automatically to my new supply but it hasn’t and they have refused to reimburse me the money - They said I need proof that the credit didn’t move with the switch over

I know it doesn’t seem much but I’m unemployed and I’m on a tight budget I’ve managed to put a few pound on each meter and I think I will have to go on emergency credit before I can top up again till next pay day.

Any suggestions please what I can do to get the credit back


Hi @Jasey - welcome to the Bulb Community!

The credit would only have been wiped from your meter if you used your Bulb key/card for the first time before this credit was used up. There should’ve been a note with your key letting you know to run down any credit before using our key/card for the first time.

If you have a photo of the remaining credit on the meter, your previous supplier should be able to reimburse this.

If this isn’t possible, we’re here to help if you’re having trouble paying for your energy. There’s more information here and here.

Its smart meters so no keys - the credit wiped on the day of switch

@Jasey I see! :thinking: In that case, your old supplier should absolutely agree to reimburse you the remaining credit on your meters.

I’m going to send you a private message now with the evidence they require to prove the credit didn’t come over to us.